Experiments with Light – Street II

It had been a while since I went shooting on the streets and I was bloody bored as well. So, I thought I’d go out and shoot in the streets but quite differently this time, with a tilt-shift lens. Now I don’t own a tilt-shift lens, they’re quite (meaning very) expensive and are used mostly for perspective correction in architectural and interior photography. The next best option was to rent one and that’s exactly what I did!

Or at least wanted to do, for I was in for a disappointment when I went there to rent the lens. The lens was already taken, leaving me to choose from what was available there. So I decided on the next best thing, a fish-eye lens and went off to shoot. A little introduction about the lens though, it was a Canon 15 mm f2.8 fish-eye lens and I was using a cropped sensor camera, which makes the lens equivalent to a longer focal length one because of the cropped field of view. This leads to another problem, even though I may have an almost 180°, I won’t be able to get the fish-eye effect unless I shoot from very close, really really close. Now there’s a challenge, I thought. Shooting from very close, on the streets, in Singapore. How hard can it be?

Turns out, it can be hard. Especially on a day when the sun is out in all its glory and there’re are hardly any people on the streets. So, there’s dent number two in my plans for shooting that day. What do I do now? I turned to the next best alternative and shoot whatever catches my fancy. Now, what would catch my fancy, since I wanted to shoot because I was bored in the first place. These did.



Urban Skyline

And so, there ends my adventure in street shooting, because a little later the weather gods thought it was too hot and humid for the day and decided to clear the air with a little (meaning cats, dogs and several other pet animals) rain. The following two images are not part of this shoot, but were taken on a different day at a different location. Meant to be submitted to a photo competition but never did, because I thought they were a bit too cliché.




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