Abstract art (Minimalism)

Art is subjective. Art is one field where the adage “One man’s food is the other man’s poison” holds true. Art takes many forms and sometimes is without form as well. One of the forms of art is visual, taking to mean that art is perceived via the organs of vision, the eyes. The most popular of visual arts is painting. Painting is the use of colored media (oil, acrylic, pencil,etc..) on a material (canvas, paper, stone, wood, etc..) to create an image that is appealing. The appeal of the image to the viewer is highly subjective and is emotional.

Art in the early ages (stone age stuff) comprised simple drawings on the walls of caves. Probably the work of some curious and bored person on a rainy day. It has evolved so much over the years, yet sometimes is indistinguishable from those early works. Several media have been experimented with, several materials used and several themes tried. But one thing that has remained constant throughout all this is the fact that paintings represented more of what the artist saw and interpreted than what he imagined. And in those ages that required great skill, especially in the capture of how the subjects were illuminated, or in other words, the capture of light. The invention of the camera and the advent of photography changed all that.

Photography made it a lot more easier and faster to capture what is seen than it takes to paint the same scene. Now the artists suddenly found themselves without anything to paint (not really, but to give a general picture). They had to find something to paint and so started to exaggerate their interpretation of what they see. This led to some interesting developments like Expressionism and Cubism, but artists being artists won’t let it stop there. So they started a movement where there was no subject and art stood on it’s own. Art for art’s sake taken to the literal extreme! And the best example of such a movement is Minimalism. This style was a bit controversial since the works that were exhibited seemed to require no effort from the artist at all. But for the artists, it is the highest/purest form of art because it is natural, and straight from the sub-conscious mind. Below is a little experiment of mine in minimalism, or is it?