On Solitude

Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or god.

The above is a quote that I put as a status message on a chat client, and sparked a question from a friend who asked if I was the wild beast or god. It also led to a discussion on why a god would prefer solitude.

According to the creationist theory, everything we see, hear, feel and know has been created by a single omnipresent entity called god. Those who believe in god are not united either. They are divided into several camps, give god their own name and “properties” and try to put down those people that have given god a different name at every opportunity. The one place where all of them are united is in blaming god for all their problems, when they can’t even think through why they have the problems in the first place. So, that answers the question why god prefers solitude. God does not want anything to do with whatever god has created and wants some rest. Seriously.

Now coming to the wild beast. Why would a wild beast prefer solitude? Because it’s a wild beast. A wild beast is to be feared, loathed and shunned by everyone. This, despite anyone not knowing anything about the beast or even trying to understand it’s intentions. Everyone assumes that since it’s a wild beast it is to be shunned. The wild beast now resigns itself to the fate it finds itself in, and prefers solitude and realizes sometimes, there is delight to be found in solitude. Seriously.


11 thoughts on “On Solitude

  1. It is by design, that people have to suffer. God wants us to suffer, he wants us not to too, he likes watching though! He doesnt like solitude thats for sure and he seeks attention.

    Prev comment vanished or are you moderating them?

  2. If it is by design, then whose? If God wants us to suffer, then why create us in the first place? (Going by the creationist theory). Why are you so sure that God wants attention? God, in fact may be sick of all the attention he’s getting and would rather be in solitude.
    Yes, I’m moderating the comments (-_-)”

  3. Just a continuation of our discussion on gtalk, you put the words into my mouth, now I feel either God or the people who laid down the rules in our society are sadists.

    God has created a chaotic system (a complex self sustaining system of never ending possibilities, that provides abundant entertainment) and he has been watching since then. He has become a director who has failed to do his duties.

    All this arguement is provided God created this mess called the world.

  4. Your comment gave me a great insight. Read your comment again and you’ll understand why God prefers solitude. The people do not fully understand the universe that God has created. They see only a small part of it, understand an even smaller part, find that it is not to their liking, assume that the entire universe is like what they’ve imagined and blame God for their misery. Why wouldn’t God prefer solitude to listening to these silly accusations?

  5. In a decade the rest of the universe that he has created will be like the other rest, that is his plan. The creator needs to own the creation, be responsible, take care of it, not just part of it but all of it, each and every soul.

    God doesn’t prefer solitude at all, if he did, he needn’t have created this mess at all. Anybody who prefers solitude would never do something that attracts large scale attention to themselves.

  6. God created the world expecting it to be in order. And of course God is responsible for his creations and takes care of it to the best of God’s ability(no omnipotence here). Despite all efforts the situation has gotten out of hand and that is why God is preferring solitude. The creator is feeling bad that the creation that he strove so hard to create are not able to solve their problems on their own and are resorting to pleas and when it doesn’t work, accusations.

  7. Screw God….I hate and love God…what kind of creature am I… I think I am still weak minded to find support in him when I am down..But all this reason vanish as soon as I wonder about the creation of life. Even if life is an accidental combination of chemical reactions, why should this chemical entity age and die after some time. That is something my reasoning brain is never able to answer.
    So, I have immense respect and admiration for God, but I hate him for making people suffer. I agree with Rajesh on this point. I mean what is his intention ?

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