Saddest Song Ever

… I will make you hurt…



5 thoughts on “Saddest Song Ever

  1. This song and the band affects me at an instinctive level (as all music should be). I could relate more to what they are singing than others. Listen to the songs ‘Perfect Drug’, and ‘Closer’. If they seem like love songs to you then you are in my league. Moreover, as the popular saying goes “Idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Life is a bit monotonous now. Hoping for some color. 🙂

  2. find a girl man! you will get all the color in your life you need and along with it a whole bunch of problems, that will keep u busy! what say?

  3. What you said is the easiest of all the things that are easier said than done. Yet it is sound advice.

    And thanks for the wishes.

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