Experiments with light (Green)

Some pics from Macritchie reservoir. I went a bit late in the day and so could only get the midday sun to light the area.






Also met a pensive monkey who obliged with this pose


And finally kind of an abstract with the colors saturated…



5 thoughts on “Experiments with light (Green)

  1. Hey, the photos look like they were taken from kerala!

    Rajasekara unmaiya sollu, you are in singapore or is it like that pandiarajan and s v sekar movie??

  2. No man these were taken in Singapore. This is one of the few green spots in the place where you cannot see buildings in the background. And the monkey pic was sheer luck. There were a few monkeys stalking the people hoping for food. And realising that what’s in the hand is only a camera they walked away. This one sat for a moment and I took a close shot.

  3. Unfortunately, Billy S had some important work at the theatre and couldn’t join me. He promised to come the next time though.

  4. Billy S is having suicidal tendencies these days, do make sure you take him to places like these!

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