Every Day Is Exactly The Same

The title of this post is shared with a song by the band Nine Inch Nails from their album ‘With Teeth’. The band is fronted by Trent Reznor who does most of the song writing and composing(not just arranging though he may use a few samples as is done by most of the Indian music directors and pop stars) the music. What makes his music appealing is the powerful lyrics and the musical genre (industrial rock) that seems to strike from within. It is my opinion that you can listen to other genres of music but rock music is to be felt in the bones to be enjoyed. People who can’t do that just hear noise.

The appeal of lyrics and music extends to one other song from this album, ‘Only’. This song is one of those few songs that cannot be written without feeling anything like what the song mentions. The song has no target (as opposed to a love song that seems to be written with the girlfriend – past, present or future – as the main target) and thus is open to interpretation. This is especially true as the chorus of the song goes “There is no you, there is only me” and somewhat contradicting the rest of the song lyrics in which the singer sings about losing definition and purpose in life. And so, this has been my anthem for the past few days and am hoping for it to change.

On a side note, ‘With Teeth’ has been said to be the worst NIN album in years, the music shifting toward hip-hop sounds than industrial rock. After listening to some of their previous tracks like ‘Closer’ (supposedly their best), ‘Perfect Drug'(can be interpreted as alove song), ‘Head like a Hole’, ‘Hurt'(An extremely good soft song and was covered by Johnny Cash sometime before his death) , ‘Fragile’, I have to agree. Now they have returned to their industrial roots in their upcoming album ‘Year Zero‘, said to be a concept album about a dystopian future (as all futures are). Most of the songs are good and have a visceral appeal. A few are of the can’t get it out of my head type, and is a must buy, though streaming from the site will do for now 🙂


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