God’s Debris

I was reading this book (electronic version available here) by Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic. It’s about a conversation between two people a delivery guy and an old man calling himself Avatar. The book discusses much about anything and the explanations given seem plausible.

According to the book, the only two unchangeable things are the tiniest particle into which matter can be divided, called God-dust, which has not been discovered yet and probablility. Probability is said to be the cause of all events in the universe and he has tried to explain some concepts like the constancy of the speed of light and evolution using this, though the explanations seem to be impossible.

The first few chapters of the book question the conventional (if it can be called that) notions on thought, life and faith in God. The answers following in the next few chapters offer a new perspective to the way we see the world.

To summarise what the book is about in a sentence it can be called “Philosophy for Dummies”,
…in a way.


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