Life = Chess

Is life a game of chess? Yes, but with a few differences.

You always play black and thus don’t get to make the first move, ever. Because the decision to start the game was not yours. The first few moves are easy as the people who started the game are there to guide you. The opposition is not strong either. Everything looks good.

Then it gets a bit more complicated. You enter the middle game and find that there is no one guide to anymore. Sometimes it seems they have joined the opposition. Suddenly you find that to progress further, you have to sacrifice some pieces. The opposition is stronger now and the decisions difficult to make. The game accordingly becomes difficult or easy based on these decisions and the way you started the game.

This is when the game becomes unbearable. Late in the game, the arbiter informs that the game is timed and you have to play faster, just to survive. You are happy that the rules are still the same. After this you are either all at sea to save the game, or totally in control. At this point you may start a few games of your own and play simultaneously. Finally, both the players may lose all pieces and end the game a stalemate or may draw earlier. As for a more conclusive result, I am waiting to see how my game proceeds.


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