Deus ex machina??

Of late I have been wondering if I am a machine that imitates humans biologically but is not so emotionally. This thought sometimes takes me over for hours that I have to convince myself that I am still human.
I am trying to find the time when I was last human, when I last emoted. I want to do this because I was nicknamed arnold. Some gave the reason for the name as being due to the size of my biceps. But one guy told me that i had a very wooden countenance. This actually got me thinking and I realized that I was living an unemotional life, no feelings for anything or anybody.
I hope I can change this… someday and become human.


One thought on “Deus ex machina??

  1. dei, is that one guy me?? You seem to have become very philosophical, thinking about meaning of life and stuff! how are you now?

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